ANZAC Biscuits with a Twist

Here in Australia it is the ANZAC day long weekend, and for us Aussies that means 3 things. First and foremost it’s an opportunity to honour our fallen soldiers and those still serving to protect our country. Secondly it’s a public holiday which is never a bad thing, and lastly it’s the perfect time of year to make ANZAC biscuits.

To me these biccies have to be soft and chewy, golden brown and super sweet, and that’s just how this recipe turns out.

To add a little bit of a twist, and to appease the chocolate fanatics out there half of this recipe was turned into chocolate chip ANZAC biccies 🙂

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Prep time – 10mins, Cooking time- 10mins, Makes 20


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Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins

Who doesn’t like chocolate? If you find someone that doesn’t, well then there is something seriously wrong with them! These chocolate muffins are a serious indulgence. Chocolate base with two types of chocolate chips (thee if you don’t have a fussy husband who won’t let you use milk chocolate) brings all the yummy to these muffins.

Prep time – 10 mins, Cooking time – 20 mins, Makes 15


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Chocolate Tart

I recently spent the Easter weekend with my Mum in Cairns. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, so this year I promised myself and her that I would make an effort to spend more time with her despite the 400 km distance between us.

So like the old days when I still lived at home, when we come together there is usually a lot of food related activities to be had! When I was little we would always be making something in the kitchen, usually baking on the weekends when we had time away from school and work.

Almost like making up for lost time, this weekend we baked up a storm, making two of these delicious chocolate tarts (one for Mum’s great neighbours and one for us) and one very yummy New York Baked Cheesecake, soon to be shared on The Strange Couple.

This tart is super easy and anyone should be able to make it. We did use a food processor but if you’re feeling strong enough you could mix the pastry dough by hand too. The chocolate filling is divine and ridiculously simple to make. You might consider this as the perfect dessert next time you’re entertaining guests (or just want something chocolaty for yourself!).

Prep time – 30mins, Cooking time – 30mins + 30mins setting time, Serves 8-10


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The Ultimate Hedgehog Slice

Back in the day I had been known, when feeling slack, to delve into the realm of packet mixes. I know, slap me on the wrist.

One day, my husband Paul decided that he wanted me to make hedgehog slice. So off we went to the shops ready to get all the ingredients, but as we were cruising down the baking isle he spotted a packet mix for the slice. He told me I should save myself the trouble and just use  a packet mix. I tried to talk him out of it but no, he wanted the packet mix because the picture on front looked soooooo amazing. So I gave in.

You know those Pinterest fails that are going around the internet? Yes? Well it basically turned out like that! My guess is at the time we got it, it must have been out of date because what it turned out as was anything but the delicious hedgehog slice shown on the packet! It resembled tar. No joke, and it didn’t taste much better either!

So from that day forward I vowed never again to use a packet mix. My solution to the lazy man’s Hedgehog slice follows! Fair warning though, this baby is so rich and delicious you may only be able to handle a little at a time!

Serves 15, Prep time 20mins, Total time for cooling approx.  6hrs/overnight


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Chocolate Mug Cake

So it’s Friday night and you’re tired after work, but you really feel like something chocolatey. Welcome to my world. Chocolate mug cake to the rescue! No no no, its not a typo, it really is a Mug cake, a super easy one at that. Moist (love that word) and gooey at the bottom, these are great even for guests! Follow the simple steps below and you’ll beat the chocolate craving in no time!

Prep time 15min, Cooking time 1min, Makes 1 cup


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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I woke up and decided to bake. It’s been a while, I have to be honest, but since starting this blog my creativity and want to bake has been sparked. I thought what better way to kick off then with some classic chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies are super easy, nice and chewy, and the best part is they are full of chocolate!


Prep – 20mins, Baking – 12mins, Makes – 18-20

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